Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach
Friday, May 20, 2016 5:20PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

The Olson family came to parksville beach to celebrate their Nana's Life.  It was a beautiful day to remember loved ones and to capture memories of those still with us.  Parksville may have some of the most beautiful beaches but it's the beautiful people that truly make this place amazing.  As a family photographer I know how special family portraits can be not just today but for generations to come.    

River Run
Monday, May 16, 2016 2:27PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

As A Photographer I tend to love the places that wild, natural and untouched by man.  I love the green leaves, cold rivers and sun as it peeks thru the leaves.  So I am happy to again be part of the River Run an amazing event that helps keep our beautiful spaces green our rivers clean and full of fish.  It takes place on an amazing stretch of the Englishman river that some never get to experience otherwise.  So this June 12th come out and explore the wild spaces, walk or run to help raise money for the mvihes ,and feel the sun poke thru the leaves as you not only spend time with nature but help preserve it.  Watch for me taking photo's of the racer's, the awesome ...

Sneak peek of the Groeneveld Family
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 1:08PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

Sometimes I wish I could control the weather but this rainy day cleared off just in time to photograph this sweet family.  We changed locations last minute and I love that their own Columbia beach back yard was there backdrop.  So many great moments we captured all while having so much fun!  Being a Parksville family photographer is always full of beautiful locations, sweet families and sometimes spending a lot of time watching the weather.    

Mothers Day Giveaway!
Thursday, May 05, 2016 10:53AM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

As we all know Mothers day is almost here and I thought it would be A amazing gift to give A mom I had worked with the chance to win a 16 x 20 GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS for there walls.  Anyone who has worked with me knows I love my canvases and getting your images on the walls is one of my passions(because the cd in the drawer isn't doing it).  I love the images of my family on my walls I look at them everyday and getting to remember my children as they were at that exact moment is priceless(they also love to point out how much bigger they are than in the photo).  So Please take a moment out of your busy day and vote for one of these amazing mom's so they can have a 16 X 20 ...

What mom's really want!
Tuesday, May 03, 2016 3:11PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

As A mom there are few things I love more than family photo's.  They are A amazing reminder of the love our family shares,  the laughter that is always present and how no matter how much I want my children to stay little they just keep growing up!  This mother's Day I decided to make it easy for all the Dad's/ children and even the Mom's who sometimes need to give an extra hint at what they want(ok in my family I shop for myself I know its sad but it works for us plus I never have to return it!)So Mom's this deal is just for you and it's only available until Mother's day! Includes a customized portrait session and A 8 x  10 gallery wrapped canvas plus 10% off any ...

Mothers day Specials
Thursday, April 14, 2016 12:21PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

Now don't get me wrong as A Mom I love my macaroni necklaces, worlds greatest mom mugs and my fav is my 4cats canvases they painted of me!  But if I got to choose my gift it would always be portraits of my children and I together.  Why because these are the most precious moments I want to remember and pass on to my children.  Portraits of love, life and laughter these are the real moments in time we want to keep forever.  That hang on my walls and give me joy every time I walk by them.  Because I may never be the ideal weight or have the perfect hair or even the most amazing well everything. But to my children I am perfect and I want to celebrate that everyday. ...

Baby J
Thursday, April 07, 2016 2:37PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

At A wee Ten days old I got to capture little J in the comfort of his own home.  No traveling, no stress,  just beautiful portraits done in your home with natural light.  Now I have a studio and its warm, cozy and stocked with all the goodies a photographer could dream of but as A mother of two I understand how hard it can be to get out the door with a newborn baby(ok lets get real as a new parent having a shower is a major accomplishment).  I also see my new parents happier and less stressed when they can stay at home but still get professional quality images.  Siblings who have had a huge change in their lives are more relaxed and co-operative to get amazing ...

Black Friday Deals
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 1:49PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

To me photography is A way to capture your life as it is right now!  Sometimes we get too busy to slow down and enjoy the moment and before we know it everything has changed.  This year instead of giving something you got on sale that may or may not be re-gifted, stuck in the back of a closet or returned give a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime,  enjoyed every time you see it and handed down thru generations.  My portraits of my family make me smile, make me happy and remind me that they are getting bigger everyday!  Because I am so passionate about family and photography I am offering 10 $500 gift certificates at 50% off ...

Holiday Mini Sessions
Friday, November 13, 2015 2:46PM
Olson family at the Beach club Parksville beach

Holidays are all about spending time with one's you love, giving special gifts to those you care about and maybe just maybe having the best holiday cards around!I love the holidays infact I may have gone a little bit overboard this year when creating my mini sessions!  I couldn't stop at one or even two setups I had to do three.  Yes this year you have the choice of amazing portraits done at the beautiful Whiskey Creek Tree Farm.  We are pulling out the stops hot chocolate, cookies, vintage sleighs and much more.  Want family portraits that have a classic holiday feel and are fun, beautiful and will create lasting memories and a holiday card that your friends and family ...